Artist Galleries at Decoys & Wildlife Gallery

Paintings -
Listed Alphabetically by Artist's last name

Douglas Allen - Wildlife Art
Al Barker - Landscape Miniatures
Lisa Bonforte - Wildlife Art
Carl Brenders - Wildlife Art - pencil drawings
Fuz Caforio - Wildlife Art
Richard Clifton - Wildlife Art, Duck Stamps
John Crouse - Butterly Paintings | Miniatures |  3 scenes
Kevin Daniel -  Wildlife Art 
Linda Daniels - Wildlife Art, PET PORTRAITS!
Susan Dorazio - Equestrian Art
Bob Gherardi - Rural Landscapes
Wil Goebel - Wildlife Paintings
Jim Hautman - Wildlife Paintings
Joe Hautman - Wildlife Paintings
Robert Hautman - Wildlife Paintings
Mark Kelso - Wildlife Paintings
David Kiehm - Wildlife Paintings
Fred Kirberger - Miniatures - country scenes
Bonnie Latham - Wildlife Paintings - Great Horned Owl
Karen Latham - Wildlife Paintings
Rebecca Latham - Wildlife Paintings
Rob Leslie - Decoy and Shooting Paintings
Gerald Lubeck -  Miniatures, Sheep, Goats & Landscapes 
Krystii Melaine - Wildlife & Western Themes
Gregory F. Messier - Ducks in Flight
Darin MillerWildlife Art
Mark Mueller - Miniatures
Ron Orlando Wildlife Art
Richard PlasschaertWildlife Art
Adrian RigbyNautical,Aviation Art
Linda Rossin- Wildlife Miniatures
Amy L. Stauffer - Wildlife Art, Scratch Board
Scot Storm - Wildlife Art
Chirag Thumbar - Wildlife Art
Larry Tople - Fish paintings

Bronze Sculpture

Teak Furniture

Gallery of Carvings - Listed Alphabetically by Carver's last name

Russ Allen - Primitives - Owls - Swans
Tom Ahern
Dave & Mary Ahrendt - Migration of Plovers
Donald A. Bassett
Mike Borrett - Fish Carvings
Lynn Branson - "Best in World" Interpretive Great Horned Owl

Josh Brewer
Sue Eaton - Decorative Carvings

Ivie Eliot - Swans

Clarence Fennimore - Standing Wood Duck - plus Life-sized Ducks & Swan

Bill Gibian - Decoratives

Ben Heinemann
Bob Kerr - Swans

Fred Kinne - Assorted Fish Decoys Mark  McNair from The Collection

Bob Moreland - Foxes, Swans, Egret,  Great Blue Heron 

Greg Pedersen - Lifesize & 3/4 size Carvings Manfred Scheel
  • Life-size House Wren
  • Bird Trees
  • Turkeys
  • Crappie
  • Cardinals
  • Flying Crow
  • Bird Tree 
  • Pensylvania Dutch Style Slicks
  • Flying Grouse
  • Bluebird House, Wren House, Mini Kestrel
  • Peregrine Falcon w/ Cinnamon Teal
  • Great Blue Heron
  • Pair of Mini - Green Wing Teal
  • Inidigo Bunting
  • Fish Panels
  • Brown Pelican & Hummingbird 
  • Red Tail Hawk and other miniatures 
  • & more...
Jim Schmiedlin - Duck Decoys - Gunners

    George Strunk -Decoy Carvings

    Bob White - Carved Decoys

    Harvey Wilson - Carvings

    John "Jack" Wood 

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