Directory of Wildlife Artwork

Decoys & Wildlife Gallery presents a wide variety or your favorite artists - both in our showroom and here at our website.
What we present here represents only a small sampling of the Paintings and Prints available at our Gallery in Frenchtown,
where you can see works of all major publishers.

The paintings on these pages have been moved to our new

Artists Gallery 


Wildlife Paintings by

Al Agnew, Al Barker, David Blodgett, Carl Brenders, Darrell Bush, Simon Combs, John Crouse, Linda Daniels,
Larry Fanning, Wilhelm Goebel, James Hautman, Joseph Hautman, Robert Hautman,
Alan Hunt, Joni Johnson-Godsy, Mark Kelso, Fred Kirberger, Art Lamay, Bonnie Latham, Karen Latham, Rebecca Latham,
Rob Leslie, T.J. Lick, Tom Lowell, Gerald Lubeck, Krystii Melaine, Bruce Miller, Darin Miller, Ron Orlando, Adrian Rigby,
Daniel Smith, Mike Stidham, Scott Storm, Rick Summons, Larry Tople, Jim Turgeon, John Weiss, Bob White

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